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Feb 2019   

 Connie gets our meeting going
Connie gets our meeting going!
 Cathy talks about future seminars   Karen talks about membership 
Chapter business: Cathy talks about upcoming seminars and Karen talks about membership

memory boxes that were returned tonight
Roz talked about memory boxes and here are some that were turned in tonight!   

 our two guests tonight! 
Our guests for tonight!  Welcome ladies!!

Marianne is our teacher for tonight our project: a snowman wine glass
Marianne is teaching our program tonight: a snowman wine glass!  How cute is this!!

  Members working on their glasses Marianne showing members steps to the project
Members hard at work on their wine glasses.  On the right is Marianne showing additional steps to paint!

Members working on their glasses our guests working on their glasses 
 Members and 'guests' hard at work on their projects!

members continue to work on their projects Jeanie starts painting the eyes on her snowman
(left)...members continue working on their projects....(right)...Jeanie starts painting the snowman's eyes!

group photo of the members and their snowman glasses
A group photo of all our finished snowman wine glasses!!

 A cake for Merlene who will be leaving us soon
We will be saying 'goodbye' to Merlene soon. We will miss her and wish her
nothing but the best in her new home!

 Tonight's raffle prize winner!!
The raffle prize for tonight was won by Suzanne.  It was donated by Cathy!!









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