Toll Bridge Tolers

Switch-r-roo Project Page

Welcome to the new page of photos of our monthly switch-r-roo project !

Karen gets our meeting going

Here is a photo of January's project, a snowman!!

 Liz L. discusses membership
The photo on the left, shows the heart piece for February and
the shamrock is for March.

  Liz discusses seminars 
Here are two versions of April's bunny piece!

Jann O. talks about the upcoming faires
Here is April's small Easter basket!

Cathy McC. gets an award  
Here is a photo of the May project pieces!

Darlene S. gets an award Jeanie S. gets an award
Here are photos for June's pieces....a cabin, moose and fish!


Here is the photo for July's project!

Pieces for the August project Pieces for Octobers project 
Here are the pieces for our August project (on the left) and for
the October project (on the right).

I do not have a photo of the Sept. project...but will get one as soon as possible! Sorry.....

Here are photos of November's Switch-r-roo

Here are the last of our year long project pieces....December's items!!

What another fun year we have had with the Switch-r-roo project.


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