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Bunny Project Page

Welcome to the new page of photos of our monthly bunny project


Karen gets our meeting going

Here are the first two bunnies. January has the snowman (not painted
in this photo) and February has the heart.

This photo has the heart embellishment all painted!

Liz L. discusses membership  Liz discusses seminars

And here is Cathy McCaughey's lovely version of her February Valentine bunny!
The closeup shows her stenciled flourishes......

Here is the March bunny......complete with pot of gold and rainbow!

Jann O. talks about the upcoming faires

Here is a close-up of the pot of gold and rainbow!

Cathy McC. gets an award  Trish gets an award

Here are photos of the April bunny

Darlene S. gets an award

and a close-up of the basket and goodies!

Jeanie S. gets an award

Here Alexis is holding up the two July embellishments! How cute are these.....

Here are the May and June bunny projects! Pearls and flowers for Mom
and a fishing pole and tie for Dad.

This bunny was brought in for display and I believe painted by Barb B.

Karen V. painted this bunny and the cat has a new friend!!

Here are two photos sent in by Trish B. Great job!

Here are the next two bunny projects: our July and August bunnies.

How cute is this Bunko bunny!!

Here is a painted bunny brought in by Jeanie S. How cute is that
background on the bunny!!


4th. of July bunnyBunko bunny

Here are photos for the 4th. of July bunny and the Bunko bunny!
How cute are these!!

The Happy Birthday bunny

Here is the Happy Birthday bunny!





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