Toll Bridge Tolers
Job Description

  • PC Skills
    1. Typing
    2. Editing

    Personal Computer



    Issue a monthly newsletter utilizing the scheduled passed at the annual planning meeting

  • Prepares copy, proofreads, reproduces and distributes newsletter
  • Prepares advertising copy. Should work with the Publicity Chairman.
  • As of this writing, Toll Bridge Tolers doesn't use bulk mailing. When the membership is large enough to enable us to use bulk mailing, editor must be sure that NO advertising appears on the outside cover of the newsletter.
  • Editor keeps current mailing list, addresses the newsletters and prepares it for mailing.
  • Sends one copy of the newsletter to all members, prospective members, advertisers, other region chapters, and sends two copies to National.
  • Editor must be aware of any possible copyright infringement
  • Editor sets deadline for information for the newsletter
  • Instructs successor and passes on all information pertaining to the office
  • Newsletter editor shall compile, edit and produce the chapter newsletter six times a year
  • Editor shall estimate postage needed and cost of printing and relay information to the Treasurer so those funds can be given to the editor to cover expenses.
  • DO NOT use the word raffle
  • Proofread everything
  • Editor should know how to type and have either a computer with word processing software or a typewriter (carbon ribbon preferred for clarity)
  • Collect information to be included from the appropriate board/chapter members; board meetings are excellent sources. Information should be in the final format so that little rewriting is required by the editor. Editor should not re-write articles with out approval of author
  • The Editor is responsible for selecting an appropriate deadline for all information and clearly communicating it to all members. The format of the newsletter is generally up to the editor
  • Be sure to provide appropriate credits when you include content from another chapter newsletter. Recharting another's design is not permitted. Whenever possible, obtain a fresh copy of the designers artwork
  • Take the final newsletter master to be reproduced, taking info consideration the number of copies to be printed, timing of completion of copying and final mailing

      Suggested Articles for the Newsletter may include:
      1. All meeting and seminar information
      2. Executive board information
      3. Membership information
      4. Local upcoming events
      5. Appropriate coupons
      6. Treasurer's report
      7. Easy to read calendar
      8. Advertisements (if allowed)
      9. Workshop information
      10. General information about the chapter, date, time and location of meetings, officers, publication schedule, advertising rates and mission statement
      11. Bulk mailing permit numbers on outside (if using bulk mail)
      12. Library review - new books, videos, etc.
      13. Member profiles (optional)
      Newsletter Circulation:
      1. Newsletter editor(s) shall pick up the newsletter from the printer and assemble, seal, stamp and mail
      2. Coordinate changes in the master mailing list with the Membership Chairman and other chapter members
      3. Print labels or obtain labels from the Membership Chairman
      4. One time only - newsletter should go to:
      5. Guest list from meetings
      6. Guest speakers
      7. Current advertisers
      8. Prospective members
      9. Purchases stamps
      10. Submit receipts to Treasurer for reimbursement
      11. Save one copy of the newsletter for file
      12. Surplus copies should be brought to the next meeting for giveaways to guests

    • Can include many hours a month in performing required duties
    • Attend chapter meetings - 3 hours per month
    • Attend board meetings - 3 hours per month
    • Prepare newsletter articles - 2 hours per month/or bimonthly

    • Work with the Board to develop chapter goals for the year
    • Work with other board members at meetings and chapter activities

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