Toll Bridge Tolers
Calendar of Events 2021


Happy New Year! Welcome to 2021...

Tues. 16th.


Please NOTE: all meetings and seminars will be held 'virtually' unless noted!


Tues. 16th.

Board meeting: 7:00
Gereral meeting: 7:15


Sat. 20th.
10 - 4 PM



Tues. 20th.

Board meeting: 7:00
Gereral meeting: 7:15




Saturday 15 th.
10 AM - 4 PM
This will be a zoom event




Sat-Sun 19-20th....Tami Carmody seminar
held at the Vetern's Hall, Martinez




Sat. 10th.

Again this year, there will be no BBQ!  

Sat. 14th.
11:30 - 4 PM
Held at the First Lutheran Church

pillow pjt with Jann

Jann will be teaching this beautiful colored pencil pillow cover! See newsletter for
the registration form.  Sign up by July 31st.  This will also be available via Zoom!




Sat. Sept 18th.
1 - 5 PM
Church gymnasium

We have scheduled our Bunko event and hope we can have it this year. Always
a ton of fun. Good fun, good food and great raffle prizes.

Tickets are available for $20 this year, due to not having a full lunch but only
'safe' desserts'



Sat. 16th.
9 AM - 4 PM
Church gymnasium

Our ornament frenzy!  We will be painting 3 projects!  More details and photos
available soon.  The frenzy may be both 'in person' and 'via zoom'.

Tues. 16th.

Board meeting: 7:00
Regular meeting: 7:15

Trish will be teaching a Maple leaf door hanger project.  Photo available soon.

Sat. Dec. 1 PM

Our Holiday luncheon will be held at Mangia Bene! Hope to see everyon there!





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