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Our Chapter is expected to bring 60 packets with instructions, pictures and surfaces (apx $1 each) to Retreat for the Thursday night festivities. Also, we need to be able to finish the project in apx 45 minutes. If we have more than 60, or don't have 60 attendees sign up for our projects, we can sell them at the Chapter Sales booth.

Retreat 2008, Birds of a Feather
Our Chapter duties at Retreat:

  1. Make it & Take Its (MITI). We are responisble for coordinating the MITI event on Thurs. night. Each chapter will provide a 45 minute project that they will teach and provide the materials for the project.
  2. Coordniates the sign ups for the MITI.
  3. Provide a mini-paint baggie with painting essentials (except for brushes), palette paper, paper towel, q-tips, etc.
  4. Raffle prizes - our chapter needs to donate 3 prizes - that exceed $50 in value each.

As a reminder, the registration price goes up the closer we get to September 25th. To make reservations at Konocti Harbor Resort, call 1-800-660-LAKE. To see pictures of rooms and the resort, go to Konocti Harbor. To view classes online, go to

At the NCCC meeting in Manteca we decided to wait until the end of May to cancel classes without enough signups. Teachers will be contacted to determine if they would be willing to teach the class if there were 5 or more signups, but less than 8. Classes with 8 or more are a go! If one of your classes are on the indangered class list, you will be placed in your second choice class and notified of the change. If you would like to attend, get your registration submitted asap or your class may be canceled without you!

NCCC Reps - Karen Vecchi, Barb Flavin, Jann Otvos
NCCC Secretary- Barb Flavin
Coordinator/Teachers & Booklet- Karen Vecchi

Please e-mail webmistress for any additions or changes you'd like to see, thank you.

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